Fall Clothing Haul From H&M

September 24, 2011

H&M has some really great pieces at their website right now! I just had to make an order!

Autumn 2011 clothing
Faux leather skirt

fall 2011 clothing
Blue shirt with brown belt

Fall clothing haul 2011

Fall clothing haul
Rose cardigan

HM haul
Black shoes - I've been lusting over shoes exactly like this!

hm haul 2011
Blue cardigan with brown belt

hm fall haul
Faux fur collar

hm autumn haul
Camel cardigan

hm fall clothing
Camel skirt

hm haul
Polkadot blouse

hm haul

hm haul
Pink sweater

All images are from hm.com.


  1. OMG That faux leather skirt looks fierce and I love the pink sweater!

  2. Oh I like the look of the faux leather skirt!Good piece for autumn!!!

  3. @Liparazzi
    Yeah I really like the faux leather skirt too! :)

  4. You got a ton of awesome stuff! I'm in the market for some fall clothes, I think I may pick up some of these pieces as well. I actually have that skirt you got in camel, but I got the black one.


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